5 Reasons why offering Omni-Channel customer experience should be your top priority
  • Ross Sampson
  • May 04, 2021

5 Reasons why offering Omni-Channel customer experience should be your top priority

We think it’s fair to say that the days of just having a good product, with no other support for customers, are long over! In a world where the choices of products and services are vast and the communication and selling platforms are plenty, the work to secure sales lays heavily in your business’ ability to strive ahead when it comes to customer service. But what is this Omni-Channel customer experience (also known out there as CX) all about and why do we need to prioritise it? Omni-Channel put simply, is the process of putting your customer at the centre of your business, rather than the sale of your product or services. Learning your individual customer’s behaviour and developing a strategy to continually engage with them, no matter what platform for communication they are using.

• Are you aware of the different platforms your customers are using? • Are you engaging with existing and potential customers through different platforms? • Do you know where to begin prioritising creating an Omni-Channel customer experience for your business?

Panic not! You are not alone and we’re here to explain why it’s important and we at VeriCall, a multi-award winning, high-quality, customer service solutions contact centre, can help you achieve this.

1. Customers are everywhere!

That’s right, customers are now whizzing around, making purchases, giving reviews, and expecting to talk to the brands and companies they are buying from in person, online, through the many different social media platforms, via telephone and email. The list can, and will, go on, so it’s important to ensure that your company stays relevant by being present on the channels your customers use and being available for two-way communication.

2. It’s 2am and somebody needs an answer.

The world has changed, and customer expectations have changed as well. As services are now available on-demand with online and app-based delivery customers expect support to be available as and when they need it while using your services. The traditional 8am-8pm Monday to Saturday service delivery hours are now a disadvantage leading to customer dissatisfaction. Utilising a 24/7, 365 contact centre with flexible delivery models you can ensure you support your customers when they need you and drive up customer loyalty

3. Customers who engage with a business through multiple channels spend more and return.

Can your business afford to miss out on sales because it doesn’t have an Omni-Channel customer experience system in place? The ability to communicate with your customers, to remind them of your business, products, services and availability after sales (maintaining strong customer relationships and upsells) is so important when there are so many businesses out there, trying to supply the same people with the same products and services as you. By maintaining great customer service across multiple platforms, you are encouraging customers to return to your business for their next purchase.

4. No one likes to be put on hold or redirected.

The third repeat of the awful on hold elevator music is the sound of your customer walking away from your business and into the arms of another...possibly leaving a bad review in their wake. Knowing how many customers your company is interacting with means you need to be able to supply a customer service portal to match their needs and demands. For example, are you ready if a customer has a query or wants to make a purchase through social media? If a customer sees a product on a social media platform and wants to buy or has a question they would like answered before they complete a transaction, but there’s no method to take payment, or the response they get from your available messaging system is ‘thanks, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.’ They’re going to be disappointed, lose confidence in your business and walk away. Ensuring you are making purchasing methods and two-way communication available 24/7 throughout your customer service channels is paramount to keep your customers happy and returning.

5. Futureproof your business.

It’s easy to ignore statistics and believe that all customers at the end of the day want to see people face to face, in a business’ premises, to discuss their needs, purchase their products and services and talk through any after sales requirements. With the unfortunate year of the COVID 19 pandemic, this may be true for some people, who yearn for that face-to-face social interaction when we’ve all been isolated for so long. However, the online customer’s behaviour both pre and during the pandemic, and the hesitation by many people to return unnecessarily to physical places to carry out their shopping, suggests that customers will still continue to progress to a more virtual world of shopping and customer experience. So now the question is where do you start? Do you have the resources to set up the staff and time to create a top-quality Omni-Channel customer experience for your potential and existing customers? Is there a UK based company that could relieve the pressure of delivering these services?

Here at VeriCall we offer inbound and outbound customer contact centre services. This includes customer service across all your communication channels, such as social media and live chat, via our Omni-Channel solutions https://www.vericallsolutions.com/services/omni-channel#omni-channel

We also understand the importance of data protection, and as a BPO call centre - https://www.vericallsolutions.com/services/outsourced-services - all our BPO services adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), including Social Media payments.

We are a multi-award-winning business for our customer service and pass the same high standards that we apply to our own customers, onto your customers. Why not get in touch today https://www.vericallsolutions.com/contact and find out more about how we can help keep your business connected and relevant to your customers for the years to come.