Case Date

December 2019

VeriCall selected

Rubicon-CSR select VeriCall to support launch:

VeriCall were chosen to support Rubicon-CSR with the launch of their innovative project to revolutionise charitable giving.

Rubicon-CSR searched for three months and interviewed twelve contact centre candidates for our major company launch in 2020  and we selected and were in turn accepted by VeriCall.

Why VeriCall?

Why did we Rubicon-CSR chose VeriCall?"

  • Professional from the word go
  • Open and transparent
  • Very proud of the 'Customer Champion' staff
  • Efficient and clear/clean in all negotiations
  • Organised in who they are, what they can do and what they cannot do also
  • Won a major investment from a Government body
  • Major financial backing for growth
  • Local enthusiastic agents
  • A company we can and will grow with globally


I would already recommend their services to other companies and will soon to our partners as well.
Director and Owner, Paul Lawton
December 2019