AI powered solutions

Case Date

28 February 2019


The march of the machines continues unabated in the outsource industry, the breadth and variety of 'AI' and 'Machines Learning' solutions on offer from various providers can make it difficult to navigate the waters and determine the right solutions for your business.

The rapid advancement of these technologies now makes it a vital part of your customer support toolkit. But how do you determine the right solution for your business needs? There are a couple of key considerations to think about

  • - Is it something your customers want?
  • - Is the technology ready to provide a reliable and accurate solution?
  • - Will it provide a better service for our customers?

It's tempting to believe that AI powered solutions can be deployed and deliver instant savings by taking over the resolution for the majority of customer issues. But in practice this ideal still seems some way off. Fully AI solutions are incredibly complex and expensive to fully integrate, but more importantly is it really what your customers want? Customers still regularly state on exit surveys that when dealing with a support issue that they 'just want to speak to a person'.  

So what if your AI solution could get them through to the right person more quickly, without the IVR minefield of endless options to select?

VeriCall approached our AI powered solutions with this focus in mind. How can we get the customer to the answer or solution most quickly, whilst still providing the human interaction they desire? As part of this we wanted to ensure that when our agents received a call they had the vital information required to provide the solution as seamlessly as possible, without the customer needing to repeat information.

Having integrated with both Amazon and Google AI tools we are able to deploy a solution benefitting from language recognition resources which are learning from accents and languages in devices and homes around the world. This allows for accurate decision making, allowing us to route calls to the appropriate one of our specialist agents.

This blended approach delivers a superior experience for customers whilst also delivering the business significant benefits. AI call answering ensures the benefits of no dropped calls, even at peak volume. But by improving the experience and decreasing the time to resolution, you succeed in building brand loyalty, which in the long term will deliver higher revenues for your business.

To find out more, contact VeriCall for a demo of our AI powered Directory Enquiries solution and see how VeriCall Contact Centres can enhance your business.